We named our first lifestyle sneaker because everyone starts somewhere

Origin is the result of years of intense dedication and we are damn proud of it.

And no one is more excited about them than Mark (a renowned sneakerhead), who was instrumental in every step.
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We built Origin — our first lifestyle sneaker — for those who are bold, out there making big things happen, and need to FEEL their absolute best all day long.

We’re leading a new Comfort Culture.

unstoppable comfort & all-day performance

Built with M.FLOAT - a unique multi-layered cushioning system (featuring four layers of three different kinds of foam) for extraordinary comfort, personalized fit, and resiliency over time.

M.FLOAT is a proprietary comfort tech designed by MUNICIPAL for absolute comfort, max cushion and durability.

Move free and bold

Leave your mark with Brick Tracks - a slip-resistant and durable outsole that flexes when you move for comfort and bold style.

Brick Tracks is a slip-resistant and durable outsole made of crystal rubber.


Grab your pair of Origin sneakers and make big things happen.